Books for Angular

Having a good grasp of Angular is essential for any aspiring programmer and web developer. But how do you go about learning the framework without having to enroll in expensive classes or read through overly technical textbooks? The answer is simple: getting some quality books on Angular.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great books out there that can help you master the fundamentals of Angular. From beginner-level guides to more advanced topics, these books will take you through the basics of Angular – the what, when and why – as well as additional material such as testing, optimizing and developing with the framework.

For those who are just starting out, we recommend Angular Succinctly by Frederik Dietz. This book is a concise introduction to working with the framework and has plenty of real-world examples to help get readers up to speed in no time at all.

Moving further along the learning curve, Advanced Angular by Sandhana Gowda provides readers with an extensive guide to creating powerful applications with the framework. In addition to teaching the core components of Angular, this book also covers topics such as designing efficient code and developing robust applications with best practices.

And for those looking for a comprehensive reference book, we recommend Pro Angular by Adam Freeman. This book clocks in at more than 800 pages and covers everything from mastering components to deployment strategies and even working with server-side technologies like Node.js. It’s a must-have resource for any serious web developer who wants to learn more about working with Angular.

No matter how much experience you’ve had working with Angular (or any other web development framework), these books can provide a foundation for coding smarter, faster and better in the future. So don’t let your coding project slow down – pick up one of these books today!

Angular is one of the most popular frontend web development frameworks today and has been since its inception in 2010. With so many different resources out there for learning about and mastering Angular, finding the perfect books to help you along your journey can be a daunting task. To make this process easier, we’ve rounded up the 5 best books for Angular that will give you the essentials, plus some additional knowledge and insights.

1. ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular
The ng-book: The Complete Guide to Angular by Ari Lerner is a comprehensive guide to developing modern web applications with Angular. It covers all aspects of the framework from basic concepts and setup to advanced features like multilingual internationalization and form validation. Additionally, it provides an in-depth look at TypeScript, RxJS, and Redux. Finally, it provides detailed explanations of all the necessary components used in building modern Angular applications such as components, directives, pipes and services.

2. Pro Angular 8
Pro Angular 8 by Adam Freeman provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of Angular development. It gives a complete overview from setting up an environment to developing your first application with components using TypeScript. Additionally, it covers topics such as forms, custom directives, routing, styling components with CSS and more. This book is suitable for developers with some understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3. Essential Angular for ASP.NET Core MVC
If you want an in-depth look at angular development for Core MVC then Essential Angular for ASP.NET Core MVC by Adam Freeman is the book for you. It covers creating REST services with .NET Core 2.2 as well as building Angular components from templates and data bindings from services written in C# or TypeScript. Most importantly, the book teaches how to create .NET Core MVC razor pages from angular components through tools like Microsoft’s MagicScaffold or NgUpgradeGenerator that provide greater compatibility between the two technologies.

4. Mastering Angular 10
Mastering Angular 10 by Mosh Hamedani is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a solid introduction to both beginner and advanced concepts relating to developing apps with Angular 10. It explains nearly every core concept in detail while using real examples throughout the lessons so that readers are able to learn more quickly and efficiently than when relying purely on theory alone. The book also teaches how to build responsive layouts, lazy load feature modules, use 3rd party libraries and more.

5. Reactive Programming with Rxjs 5
Reactive programming with RxJS 5 by Sergi Mansilla offers a more focused approach to those who wish to master only RxJS library rather than tackling all areas covered by angular framework itself . It covers topics such as observables, functional reactive programming (FRP), error handling strategies and more so that readers can learn how to write clean code that’s easy to debug in modern applications making use of reactive programming paradigms (such as RxJS).

These are our picks for the 5 best books for angular out there right now – but there are many more options available depending on your skill level, experience or interests of course! We hope you find one that will help you along your learning journey!